Assisting mothers and their babies is what we do.

Our founder, Amanda, struggled to breastfeed two children. The first due to returning to work, the second, due to colic. Through her journey through both, she began to understand that there’s two critical pieces to any breastfeeding journey – knowledge and support.
The Boobie Box was launched in 2015, to bring both of these things to mothers doorsteps, every month. Amanda went on to become a CLC, so she could better answer latch questions, and consult with her subscribers, who sometimes feel alone, and don’t know who to turn to.

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A little about our mission…

Our mission is simple. Moming ain’t easy – and sometimes breastfeeding isn’t either. We don’t have all the answers – but we do understand the journey. We curate each box, each returned email, every interaction with love and support in mind. We want to remind you whenever we can, that you AREN’T alone – we’re here, cheering you on whether your breastfeeding journey is 5 minutes long, or 5 years long – we are PROUD of you, and we believe you should know it.

What our customers are saying…

Elizabeth Parker

“I loved all the products! I’ve used the cup, teething necklace and lotion almost every day! Have been very pleased with every aspect of this company and will gladly recommend them to my nursing mom friends!!”

Britany Clements

“I was very impressed! Loved the pump, it’s been a lifesaver 🙂 This months box was more than I expected! I will miss this so much when we wean.”

Natasha Ovando

“I absolutely loved the Worth My Weight In Gold onesie for my little one! What an awesome surprise! Thank you for the monthly pick-me-up!”

Referral Program

This year, we introduced our referral program. Active subscribers can use a personalized referral link, found in their Dashboard, that they can share with friends and family.

When three of their friends subscribe, they are automatically given their next #BoobieBox for FREE!

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